22 July 2010

What does The Arcadian Society teach?

Some have asked what it is, exactly, that The Arcadian Society teaches.
Well, in a nutshell, we believe that we all manifest into this three-dimensional human experience as equals. Each of us has equal potential to create any kind of reality we can imagine. In that respect, it is our thinking, our thoughts and ultimately our choices that segregate us.

We teach that the process of thinking is like magic and that it is by our thoughts that our reality is created. Whether we realize that great truth or not, we are creating, either knowingly by design, or unknowingly by default. We are creating each and every element of our everyday lives.

Thinking is energy and focused thought is focused energy. When you learn the secrets of focused thought, thinking becomes magical in its effect. Correct and focused thinking then, is magical in results. And because thinking is an integral part of the human experience, making magic is simply human nature.

It is interesting to realize that what we enjoyed doing so much as children was the secret to effective creating. Unfortunately, we have been taught that it is a waste of our time to pretend that which isn’t. We have been taught to believe only that which we can see. However, when we can believe as though we see, in time, we will see that which we believe. It is just that simple. It is an immutable law of the Universe. It is the Law of Attraction.

Once we become aware of this awesome potential for creating a new reality, we can learn to use that creative power to not only enhance our personal lives, but also help to transform our world into the type of society that serves humanity instead of feeding the appetite of political and corporate greed whose creed it is to rape, burn and pillage our dear mother, Earth.

To learn more about the positive power of focused thought please visit: www.arcadiansociety.org.

Posted 22 July 2010


06 October 2009


While others are still seeking understanding of a secret, we believe that we have The Answer. The information presented on our website is lengthy and if you choose to visit and read it you will be challenged to understand the concepts we discuss. However, if you can grasp the concepts perhaps you will begin to understand why you are where you are at this moment in your reality. The understanding gained will free you from the feeling of being trapped as a victim and empower you with the knowledge and ability to become the author of your own script and a co-creator in the future of humanity and our Earth.

We believe that a vision that will provide solutions to the seemingly insurmountable problems facing us at this time in history is presently manifesting despite the popular media's focus on the negativity of the reality we've created. Whether we realize it or not, we are empowering, through our focused attention, those problems we wish to resolve.

While various think tanks are working to solve the problems facing the planet and humanity, it is our opinion that the solutions being offered are akin to slapping a mere band-aid over a gaping wound and declaring it "healed." We believe the solutions offered by the traditional think tanks not only fail to address the underlying principles of the problems, they would take far too long to implement resulting in further needless suffering of humanity and Nature alike.

So, what is the solution?

We believe the solution is so simple that it would seem ridiculously impossible - but just the opposite is true. The solution we propose DOES work. Many are aware of the Universal Laws of Intentional Creation; the Laws of Attraction through focused Intention within Allowance and Balance. In summary, that upon which you focus expands. The more attention/intention you focus upon it, the more dominant it becomes until, at a point it IS your new reality.

Simply put, by shifting our mental focus from the problems we see to a solution - a vision of a New Paradigm - we will begin to empower a new reality. As our focus shifts from the problems we've created to that which we desire as a new reality, the negative energy that maintains that undesirable reality will be reduced and the problems and the systems creating them will collapse. However, that is not the whole solution.

You can make a difference.

We believe that you are here, reading and contemplating this information at this moment, because at a level beyond mere consciousness you recognize that you have a very important role to play in securing the future of humanity. Know and trust that you are not alone. We welcome your participation in this quest.

We also believe that we human beings are to be stewards of the resources of this Earth and that any controversy among self-serving corporate governments over who owns what portion of it by scratching lines in the dirt, then assuming aggressive or defensive postures, is as foolish and repugnant to the logical thinking mind as the idea of mere parasites debating the ownership of the host upon which they feed.

We must, once again, become allies of the Creative Order,
learning reverence for our beloved mother, Earth,
instead of remaining plundering adversaries of her.

We understand too, that we are of this planet - our mother, Earth - and we  cannot own her. In fact, if anything, we belong to her. She is not ours to exploit, pillage, rape and plunder, but ours to love, honor, cherish, cultivate, conserve, and share. We must learn to walk in reverence upon this Earth. To once again wake up, recognize, appreciate, and be overwhelmed by the indescribably amazing beauty, splendor, wonder, and the absolute perfection of all Life upon this planet that we call home.

To teach these vital principles is also our goal. While the mission may seem overwhelming, we know that you can make a difference.

We invite you to carefully consider the information that we have to share with you that we believe will provide the solutions to the challenges that we face individually as well as collectively. It is knowledge that will help you to shed the programing of a "victim" mentality and will empower you to become the creator of your reality and a co-creator of the New Paradigm.

Visit us at www.arcadiansociety.org  for the full story.

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In addition to various non-profit ministries that we support, we are also working in unison with others who are likewise working to provide the benefits of the future to people all over the world - right now.

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